Aggregate and community nursing

We are with the clients in the community, gaining first-hand information about their health, their lifestyles, their needs, and what it is like to be a member of that community.

It is interesting to know that from the above definitions of a community, aggregates can also be viewed as communities. With the emphasis on consumer participation in health planning, nurses are in a unique position to make an impact in the planning of population-focused health programs.

This can be a door-to-door effort, a mailing, a phone bank or online questionnaire.

Community Health Nursing and aggregates

But for the purpose of this blog, let us say that aggregates are the various classifications that have been set up by community health in order to make the delivery of healthcare more specific and more effective. Additionally, nurses have long been involved in implementing programs planned by other disciplines.

Any other trait shared by a large number of individuals can qualify to allow them to be considered as an aggregate in nursing research. They could be all the women in the given area, smokers or a more challenging cohort, such as all homeless men. Forces have led to a situation where health care costs have become out of control and people have become increasingly dissatisfied with the care available.

All levels of prevention are discussed, with emphasis on primary prevention. YourDictionary definition and usage example. The role of the community health nurse in meeting healthcare needs of aggregates is introduced.

The common characteristic is the age ; pregnant women common characteristic is pregnancyTeenagers common characteristic is ageMental health patient Disease condition diabetics Disease conditionetc. Florence Nightingale and Lillian Wald pioneered health planning based on an assessment of the health needs of the communities they served see Chapter 2.

Community Assessment Steps However, when you put all of them together, we get an aggregate or the whole. The major components of the new health care delivery system are primary prevention, disease control, maintenance of chronic conditions, and cost-effectiveness as well as elimination of environmental hazards and individual responsibility for health related behaviors.

Nursing students interviewed community center program director Enid Churchill as a key informant; she conducts her own assessments to determine resident needs.

Religion Being technical, there is no official religion of the United States, although the country was built upon Judeo Christian ideals.

This fundamental change in the payment process paved the way for the shift from hospital to community-based care. If nurses practice in agencies with a broad public health mandate, they will find that the scope of their focus shifts to larger populations APHA, Just as you will have better adherence and outcome from planning care with an individual client, so, too, you will have a more successful program if you involve the community in the assessment and planning phases.

Health Care Reform Americans are living shorter and less healthy lives than people in other industrialized countries. In addition the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires tax-exempt hospitals to do a community-needs assessment every three years.

Community Diagnosis, Planning, and Intervention

An aggregate is defined as: Appreciate the importance of the role of the nurse both personally and professionally in responding to community healthcare issues. Learning Objectives Relate the nursing process to the health care of aggregates in the community.

In this blog, I will differentiate a community from an aggregate while giving definitions of both. An aggregate is defined as: Community Health Nursing For additional digital leasing and purchase options contact a media consultant at press option 3 or sales films. An aggregate can be made up of many different communities.

Advocacy for population health 5th ed. Client — Individual, family, group or community. It could really go either way: There are federal requirements for hospitals to report in detail their community benefits activities uncompensated care and other services to the Secretary of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

Aggregate and Community

aggregate and, eventually, the type of community interventions planned. Community members can be grouped into simple aggregates based on demo- graphic or geographic location; this is the least common type of aggregate.

NSG Health Aggregates in the Community is a week course that focuses on health promotion of various aggregates within the community. Decision-making is emphasized in promoting health of specific groups, particularly children, adolescents, young adults, and the elderly, in the community.

What is Community-Based Nursing? Vicki Notes. Key Terms to know **Aggregate - Group of people who share a common aspect (age, economic status, cultural background, gender, area of residence, or chronic illness. Client – Individual, family, group or community.

How to Identify & Define an Aggregate in Nursing

Baccalaureate-prepared community/public nurses are expected to apply the nursing process with subpopulations or aggregates with limited supervision (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, ; ANA, ).

According to Jo Clark (), community health nursing “is a synthesis of nursing knowledge and practice and the science and practice of public health, implemented via systematic use of the nursing process and other processes to promote health and prevent illness in population groups.”.

Community health nursing interventions with a variety of client groups, including individuals, families, groups, populations, and communities, are emphasized throughout, including group work and health advocacy for populations at risk.

Aggregate and community nursing
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Examples of the Difference Between Aggregate and Community